ArcSDE Data Management Tools – Dump Feature Classes to a File GeoDatabase


Copy multiples feature classes in ArcSDE to a local file geodatabase.



Why use it?

You can create your own Python script using model builder, but you have to modify the script everytime you want to dump different tables. Using this script you only need to have a CSV with all the table names, that’s it.


It can be used as an archival and historical database
It will make you ArcSDE database portable and shareable

How to use it:

  • Add the Python directory to the PATH environmental variable
  • An ArcSDE connection file using a database account with READ privileges to all the tables you need
  • A Comma Delimited File (CSV) with all the table names you need including the schema. N number of feature classes could be added
  • A folder repository


  • You also can put it into a scheduler and run backups of your database. You’ll have snapshots of the database along the time.
  • Graphical User Interface and Command Line Interface
  • It runs independently

System Requirements:

  • Python 2.6
  • ArcGIS Desktop or Server or ArcToolBox


  • Python:  Tkinter, OOP
  • ArcGIS : Geoprocessing tools

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